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Convert visitors to leads with a custom built landing page.


Landing Pages

What are Landing Page and How Do They Benefit Me?

A landing page is a page on your site designed to convert visitors into leads.
A landing page sole purpose is to covert the visitor into a lead

Extend Your Marketing Reach

1. Call To Action

 A person sees a call-to-action and ends up on a landing page with a form

2: Convert Visitors to Leads

The visitor fills out a form which converts them from a visitor into lead.

3: Populate your leads database

The information from the form fields on your landing page is then stored in a leads database.

4: Smart Marketing

You target your leads database with smart marketing campaignes.

What Is A Landing Page

A landing page is usually a standalone page or any page that a visitor can land directly on. Most often a landing page has its own look & feel and doesn’t necessarily look a part of your homepage or any other page on your site. 

 A landing page lets you make a special offer or offers a piece of information in return for providing contact information.

Landing pages can be lead-generation based OR they can steer the visitor through to another page on your site – for example, your shop page.

Common items to offer are things like an eBook, free trial, webinar registration or competition entry in return for the visitors’ contact details. 

Why Use A Landing Page

If you are looking for an effective lead generation & conversion tool,
then landing pages are definitely the way to go.

Landing Pages are a Smart Move

If you would like to learn more about the importance of landing pages or want to get in touch with an someone who can help you grow your landing page strategy, we’d love to chat with you.